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My Story

When I first moved to London, I knew absolutely no English. But I was eager to socialise and make new friends, so I happily smiled and nodded along whenever anyone talked to me. You can never go wrong with a smile, right? Wrong. Turns out, it’s not polite to smile and act like a happy bunny when someone is telling you they’ve lost their job or had an argument with their partner. Oops!

I had to learn fast to read body language and other subtle nonverbal cues to understand what people were talking about. The tone of their voice or the raise of their eyebrows told me what their words couldn’t. I can speak English well now (obviously!), but this experience made me fall in love with body language and all the ways we communicate with one another. I went down the rabbit hole, got my certifications, and became a qualified body language trainer and public speaking coach in London.

Communication is more than just words. Most of us are pretty good at verbal communication, yet we have no clue we say just as much, if not more, by the way we sit or how we speak.


Just a few simple tweaks in your body language can help people perceive you in a whole different light.

My goal is to help you make a good first impression and have genuine interactions with people. I’ll teach you how to align your gestures, facial expressions, and voice with both your words and personality. Improving your social skills isn’t about tricking people into liking you. It’s about expressing more of who you are.

If this is something you’d like to explore, please get in touch with me to find out how I can help you develop your body language, public speaking and social skills.

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“Mayka, is a wonderful trainer. Engaging all my team members and providing them with great tools to perform in their jobs better. We can’t wait to have her back to train the team.”

Ana Laura Gomez – Training Manager at Santo Remedio



My Philosophy

Mastering Body Language Isn’t Sleazy

Body language and public speaking aren’t about tricking people into liking you or doing business with you. They’re about setting aside your awkwardness and nerves, so you can be your most authentic self and make people feel great when they meet you.

You’re Not Born A Natural, You Become One

Body language is like a muscle. We’re all born with it, but we need to practice it consistently to strengthen it. If someone looks like a natural to you, it’s simply because they’ve had more experience than you. With the right training, you can become a natural, too.

Verbal Communication Matters Too

They say that as much as 93% of communication is nonverbal. I’m not sure I agree. Words are very powerful tools. They just can’t persuade and captivate on their own. It’s when your body language and your words match that the magic happens.

There’s No Right Or Wrong Body Language

It’s all about the context. Sitting with your arm crossed may put off a potential client, but it works like a charm when you want that annoying guy to leave you alone. Use it wisely.

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Just For Fun

social connection

I once worked in a different restaurant every day - nothing like working with a team of strangers every day to improve your nonverbal communication skills.

body language coach in London

I run laughing yoga workshops, too. Yes, they’re a thing. I’d love you to come along.


I once went to Trafalgar Square with 6 boiled eggs and sold them all in 15 minutes (I made a whopping £8.40). It’s the best way I’ve found to get over the fear of selling.


body language course

I’m a Vice President of Education
at 1st (and best!) London Toastmasters.


I spent last summer in Spain working and singing in the fields. It was hard work, but so much fun! 




“Mayka is an exceptional coach, very professional, extremely inspiring, her attention to detail is impressive along with her pure passion to help others. I highly recommend her, you won’t regret it.”

Lola Garcia – Sales Representative at C&D Food & Wines and Photographer




Mayka Ortega, social anxiety coach and public speaking

I Want You To

Have Fun

I always say laughter is the best medicine. It kills off anxiety, boosts your mood, and helps you better remember what you learn. I use a variety of techniques to make our coaching sessions fun and exciting, so you’ll feel like you’re playing, not just learning.

Face Your Fears

This is the scary part. But I know you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t ready. Whether you are worried about speaking in public or interacting with strangers, I’ll help you overcome your social anxiety and achieve your goals one small, non-scary step at a time.

Fulfil Your Goals

My goal is to help you fulfill your goals. I’ll tailor my coaching programme to your unique needs and goals, so you can get the personalized support you need. At the end of the training, you’ll be a more confident and genuine communicator, able to create meaningful relationships with anyone.

Become The Best Version Of You

I don’t want to change you. I want to bring out more of who you are. I’ll give you a toolbox of body language tools you can use to improve your confidence, leadership, and charisma, so you can say goodbye to nerves and social anxiety and be the best version of yourself in every situation. 



For more information about my body language courses and public speaking coaching in London, please get in touch with me.




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“So recently I discovered something AMAZING. I've been doing some coaching with Mayka Ortega Pernias and The Happy World Company with the aim of improving my confidence and presentation skills. Anyone who's known me a while will know I have never been the most confident or outgoing person, but last year I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone. When I was tasked with giving presentations at work (something which TERRIFIED me) I knew I had to move quickly. So I booked a coaching session with Mayka...

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...Even turning up to the session I was nervous (something Mayka picked up on and made sure to put me at ease). Without going into too much detail, I had told her about some of the root causes of my social nervousness: things which I associated with embarrassment, shyness, awkwardness etc. We decided to work on them DIRECTLY - to actually come up with exercises that would make me confront my fears.

I honestly can't describe how it felt at first. The adrenaline rush was almost overwhelming. Then I felt intense nervousness in my stomach and had to stop. Then something amazing happened: Mayka gave me a few exercises to help try channel the energy into something more positive. I had a realisation: we all feel fear, resistance, nervousness etc. That wasn't what made me different. Other people weren't immune to these feelings but they have developed strategies (through coaching or otherwise) to take ownership and capitalise on those energies. So that's what we did: we did the exercises again (even harder this time) until I was able to channel my energies effectively.

I've only been doing some coaching for a few months but it's really changed me. I'm doing much better at work (I had some insanely good feedback last week) and am more confident and fulfilled in my personal life. I'm going to keep working with Mayka until I have achieved full social freedom and I cannot wait to see the results of that.

Sorry for the soppy message but hey, it's really been that good!”

Henry Jacobson

“Mayka is an incredible addition to the Science of People Trainer team. Her authentic spirit and attitude fill every room with positive energy and intention. She's courageous, inspirational and I feel lucky to know her. I highly recommend her body language coaching and training services to any individual or group in the London area and beyond.”

Vanessa Van Edwards – Behaviour Investigator, Author and Keynote Speaker